lately: In 7 Rooms, Städtische Galerie Offenburg 13.07-29.10.2019 // The Ocean Of Nows, Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe, 26.10-02.12.2019 // Museum Villa Rot, 20.11-26.02.2017 // Head In The Sky live with Ascolta, Liederhalle Stuttgart, 05.11.2016 // Überdacht, Marktplatz & Stadtkirche Karlsruhe 11.07-10.09.2016


In his video, Arcadia, Oleg Kauz takes up the eponymous mythical location, which has been synonymous since antiquity with an ideal world in which one can live free of social constraints and in harmony with nature. This hypothetical world full of symbols and images serves as a societal counterworld in which death represents the boundaries of utopia. Kauz draws on this symbolism and inquires into the points of overlap between reality and fiction, between geographical locations and human fantasy. With shifts in perspective, unstable objects and disruptions, he unnerves the viewer and in this way allows a transmission to a potential contemporary Arcadia. A digitally created world comes into being, in which the impossible and the possible are interlinked. Text by Alexandra Adler - Translated from the German by Jill Denton